Where are the imminent Rangers projects really?

We are getting more and more questions when we will ship and what the status of the imminent Rangers projects are. Well, we promised transparency and therefore let me try and explain why there is this lull period between us freezing the content and us shipping to Codeplex.

Which are the imminent projects?

What is the new process creating the “lull” period?

The old process looked like this … in essence we had a team review, a product owner review and then published the solution/guidance to Codeplex.

The new process looks like this …

With the new process we have introduced three new steps:

  • (3) User Education (UE) does a high-level pass to ensure we are in-line with with terminology, marketing and legal expectations.
  • (4) The Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are then given an opportunity to review the solution/guidance in a fairly short BETA phase.
  • (5) Once the solution/guidance has stabilised and the last feedback dust has settled, UE performs the final review, focused on readability.

But WHY? The new process intends to increase the quality of deliverables we ship to Codeplex and ensure that the expectations of the community are better aligned with the shipped product.

So when can we expect the bits?

Both imminent projects will enter the MVP BETA phase this month and unless we are faced with huge meteor craters caused by review feedback, you can expect the release to Codeplex shortly afterwards. Watch the space!

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