Pepper: A Visual Studio Settings Synchronisation & Backup Extension

One of our ALM MVP’s and Rangers, Robert MacLean, is working on a simple, yet effective solution to which allows you to export your Visual Studio settings to the cloud.

This not only serves as a great backup service for your Visual Studio settings, but it allows you to import your settings on another machine connected to the cloud … for me it means that I can now “easily” keep my home and work settings for Visual Studio in sync 🙂

I urge you to peruse this tool and to give Robert candid feedback and ideas!

  • Find the Visual Studio extension here.
  • Find the associated Codeplex project here.

As they say, Salt & Pepper comes in small but powerful packages!

Comments (4)

  1. Robert MacLean says:

    Thanks for the post! 🙂

  2. It is a pleasure! I hope that the Rangers and the other communities bombard you with candid feedback … this is a great tool!

  3. Dru says:

    Now can you also make it work with Dropbox and R# – you would be my hero. 🙂

  4. Robert MacLean says:

    @Dru – Why do you want Dropbox support? Most of the time people have asked for this, is because people assume they need an Azure account first which is not the case. See point 3 in the FAQ:

    R# support is a great idea and something I will definately put on the back log!

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