TFS Integration Tools – Why ServerDiff may not work for me. Q&A-50

In the Mapping & Monitoring (Part 2/2) hands-on lab manual we included a small optional lab to work with the ServerDiff command line tool, to introduce (not cover in great detail) the monitoring capabilities of the TFS Integration Platform.

Known Issues

The ServerDiff tool did, however, not work as expected for the Rational ClearQuest to TFS migration in our HOL environment, which gave rise to two issues that were reported:

  1. ClearQuest - ServerDiff Wit command does not work at all when the CQ filter string specifies a CQ stored query
  2. ClearQuest - ServerDiff Wit command does not work when the ClearQuest credentials are stored in the Windows credentials cache


  1. Issue 1 has been resolved and will be included in the upcoming release on Visual Studio Gallery. We will update this post as soon as the release ships.
  2. Issue 2 has not yet been resolved.

    • The issue does not occur on operating systems that don't support the Windows credentials cache such as XP or Server 2003.
    • Work-around for other systems:

      • Configure the credentials in the custom settings for the ClearQuest source:
            <CustomSetting SettingKey="LoginCredentialConfigType"
                                          SettingValue="UseTextUsernamePasswordPairInConfig" />
            <CustomSetting SettingKey="UserName" SettingValue="userid" />
            <CustomSetting SettingKey="Password" SettingValue="password" />
      • After updating the configuration file you need to restart the session at least once, because the ServerDiff WIT command uses the session configuration used for the last run of the session.
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