Rangers February 2011 Flash

February 2011

Projects News

  • CodedUI (VSCUG)
    The project has entered the Epic, User Story and Test Strategy definition phase, with a core focus on CodedUI guidance and the development of a Word Plugin for CodedUI testing as part of a Rangers sabbatical. Get ready to grab tasks from the sprint backlog if you are part of this team.
  • Word4TFS (TFSWP)
    The Epics and associated User Stories have been defined and prioritized, whereby a recent poll at TechReady confirmed the prioritization as defined by the team. The test case definition associated testing and the Word4TFS tool development is scheduled to begin shortly. The project promises to deliver the Word4TFS Word plugin, as well as “lessons learnt” guidance based on a comprehensive testing strategy that include the use of Visual Studio Manual Tests and CodedUI automation testing.
  • Lab Management Guide (TFSLM)
    The team has published the first ALPHA release and is currently working on completing the release 1.0 backlog and responding to reviewer feedback. The ALPHA release is available to all Rangers and the BETA release is expected to be published early-April.
  • Build Customization Guide (VSBCG)
    The team has published the fifth ALPHA release and is currently working on completing the release 1.0 backlog and responding to reviewer feedback. The ALPHA release is available to all Rangers. The BETA release is expected during the second half of March.
  • TFS Iteration Automation (TFSIA)
    The project was announced on 20th February and is scheduled to start during early March. It is a new concept out-of-band solution project, planning to see release 1.0 released as a Rangers project and Release 2 and beyond as community projects.

Rangers Requirements Management

“Ruck” goes to the next level
The Rangers Requirements Management process enters a new phase, after being used, observed and analysed as part of Rangers projects mentioned above. Next steps include “lessons learnt” collaboration sessions to share our findings and get your feedback, the definition of a Rangers Manifesto and the creation of an “ALM Lessons Learnt using Ruckwhitepaper that will be submitted as one of the Rangers MSDN Magazine articles.

Community News

  • MSDN Articles
    The second Rangers MSDN Article, focused on Visual Studio TFS Team Project and Collection Guidance has been submitted and is expected to appear in the MSDN Magazine within 2-3 months.
  • TechReady 12
    The Rangers delivered no less than five breakout/ chalktalk sessions at TechReady (TR) 12 in Seattle. We can redeliver four of the sessions to the ALM Rangers / MVP community, as well as Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) “lessons learnt” collaboration sessions.
    Bill Heys delivered the best of the best sessions and the best Rangers session!
  • ALM Rangers & MVPs
    Another ALM Ranger joins the Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs), proving that the Rangers recognition program is adding value.
    Welcome to the MVP family Bob!
  • MVP Summit
    We enjoyed a phenomenal ALM MVP and Rangers prize giving session, arranged and delivered by Chuck who made sure the session was fun, yet recognised the champions amongst the best of the best MVPs.
  • Talking to the next generation Rangers
    We have started to talk to the next generation of Rangers. First visit has been at Southpointe Academy - The Coolest Career in the World!

Closing Humour

  • What is an adoption blocker?
    A visual example below shows the adoption blocker and the same environment after the blocker has been resolved. If you are wondering why the car got stuck(blocked) on the ledge you should ask Bijan 🙂

Feedback from Flash #1

  • Hey, I like the Flash idea. This is a great digest of what’s happening! (Richard Hundhausen, MVP)

Any other feedback? Is this monthly flash valuable or noise?

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