MVP Summit – A phenomenal prize giving event organized by Chuck! And the nominees and winners are …

On March 2nd, 08:00 PDT, Chuck started the prize giving event, which subsequently flowed seamlessly into the Rangers session. A huge THANK YOU to Chuck, who as always went out of his way to make this a phenomenal event and ensure that all the winners got something special and the recognition they deserve!

Let’s focus on the winning Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) … drum-roll …

The categories and nominees were …

  • MVP Summit
    • Rob Maher, Neno Loje and Luis Fraile, Willy-Peter Schaub, Martin Woodward
  • Content
    • Mickey Gousset, Jeff Levinson, Ed Blankenship, Richard Hundhausen, Shai Raiten, Tiago Pascoal
  • Community
    • Adam Cogan, Etienne Trembley, Robert MacLean
  • Projects
    • ALM Rangers, Mike Fourie, Tiago Pascoal
  • Sales
    • Chris Menegay (He is often in his own category<g>)
  • Product Group
    • Ed Blankenship, Steve Borg, Jeff Levinson, Mike Fourie, Ewald Hofman
  • Ranger Champions
    • All active Visual Studio ALM Rangers
  • MVP of the year
    • Neno Loje, Brian Randell, Ed Blankenship, Robert MacLean, Jeff Levinson, Etienne Tremblay, Richard Hundhausen, Shai Raiten, Chris Menegay, Adam Cogan, Mike Fourie, Martin Hinshelwood, Tiago Pascoal, Steve Borg

Each nominee received a special edition beer, winners got a special, special edition beer and some received the new ALM Rangers shirt.!

clip_image002… drum roll …

And the winners, the best of the very best are …




MVP Summit

Neno Loje



Richard Hundhausen

  • Community webcasts
  • Richard has helped to make Professional Scrum Developer training\program a reality


Adam Cogan

  • What to name Adams award
    • Most Interesting use of all the Insiders DL
  • The most interesting time space mathematic
  • Enables Cross team collaboration(mostly Chuck and HR
  • Most Interesting use of social Networking
    • Everybody would agree on: Thank God he is on our side


Mike Fourie

  • Everything the guy touches he adds value to…and he touches A LOT


Chris Menegay

  • Prime Partner Sales Award
  • For fantastic guidance, dealing with the horrid flights to South Africa and motivating thought and discussion

Product Group

Ewald Hofman

  • Great work on the forums + nice blog posts available on TFS 2010 build
  • Crazy amount of volunteering in the Forums.  There isn’t a day that I log in to the forums and not see Ewald’s name helping other people in the world

Ranger Champions

Mathias Olausson

Neno Loje

Robert Maclean

Zayd Kara

Brian Randell

Clemens Reijnen

Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracín

Marcel de Vries


MVP of the year

Martin Hinshelwood

  • He’s a very funny ALM twitter guy ^^
  • Great blog with logs of useful information
  • For doing more work than ANY MVP I've ever seen for the community
  • Good social connector

More pictures from the session …

MVP of the year Martin Hinshelwood, with lots of Hefeweizen beer 🙂

… Chris Menegay starting the licensing talk … what?

One happy ALM MVP family … spot Hassan, who is once again all smiles 🙂

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