MVP Summit 2011 – Day 3 and 4 Pictures

The ALM MVPs started gathering as a happy family on Tuesday afternoon … resulting in many, many interesting discussions, ideas and debates.

Here are a few pictures from day 3 …

… Chuck getting ready for day 4 … ALM MVP and Rangers prize giving.Hassan is always all smiles 🙂

… the tension mounts. We need “the box” and “build folders” …

… cool shirt!

… Jeff starting the ALM MVP Summit Welcome session … from now it is go, go, go!

Here are a few pictures from day 4 …

… what is Chuck and Willy dragging into the session room? 

… the prizes! Watch the space for a list of all nominees and winners!

… the award ceremony kicks off the day.

… Chris is one of the winners of the best of the best!

… Bijan, our Rangers dad, passionately introducing Epics and Persona innovations.

… why is Robert dozing off? Oh, no Dr. Pepper is visible on his desk 😐

Watch the space for more Summit news …

Comments (2)

  1. Robert MacLean says:

    Dozing off?! I was awake the whole time, just getting comfortable here since we get no breaks today!

  2. LOL .. the Neno non-stop-why-do-we-need-a-beak information firehose sessions can be quite daunting at times 🙂 It was good to see you again Robert! Have a safe trip home and give my very best regards to everyone back home.

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