MVP Summit 2011 – MVP2MVP2

Neno Loje and Charles Sterling (Chuck) organized a phenomenal first day at the summit, which involved cramming 50+ passionate technology gurus into one room, running quick and focused sessions, with short breaks …all coordinated and enforced by Neno. It was great to spend time with the colleagues and listen to some great presentations … my vote for top session goes to Brian Randell 🙂

Here are a few pictures from day 1.

… see [MVP Summit 2011] - 3 Minutes & 23 hours for details on how Robert hugged the Seattle ground 🙂

… how do you keep 50+ VS/TFS gurus happy? Pizza … lots of pizza.

… this desk can only belong to one of the MVPs … and it is only about 1/4 of what Brian carries with him.


… Chuck and Brian … always smiling 🙂

An interesting non-IT question that emerged was: “Is South-Africa or Australia further away from Seattle? Answer: South-Africa.

  • Seattle – Johannesburg = 10267 miles or 16522 km direct
  • Seattle – Canberra = 7906 miles or 12722 km direct

See you all on Tuesday afternoon at the Visual Studio/TFS sessions!

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