TFS Integration Tools – Why are some of my Rational ClearCase files missing after a migration to TFS? Q&A-49

Closing loop by sharing findings in terms of a migration on our test sandbox environment, in the hope that it may help others struggling with similar anomalies of migrations.


The test sandbox allows us to perform migrations from Rational ClearQuest and ClearCase to Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010. In a recent test-run for the latest readiness package enhancements, we noticed that the ServerDiff tool was unhappy after a successful migration:

As evident in the above ServerDiff report, the directories generated by a build (obj and bin) did not migrate as expected. However, files in the properties directory failed to move from the source to the target, resulting in a broken build on the target (TFS).

Time for a certain level of panic to set in and an analysis of the anomaly to commence 🙂

Why did the files not migrate as expected?

Following the troubleshooting guidelines we analysed the log files and used the rational tools to validate access to the source data.

 < See about message!

This was the point where we had a “Cowabunga moment”, because as documented in the about details for file assemblyinfo.cs, the files in question were present and accessible, but were not under source control and thus ignored by the migration process.

After adding the view-private files to source control and re-running the migration session, the missing files migrated across and the broken build switched to a happy build again.
… until next time, we can de-stress and relax again 😉

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