New Rangers Project – TFS Iteration Automation

We are excited to announce a small, yet razor-sharp-focused Rangers project. It is a out-of-band solution project, which is planning to see release 1.0 released as a Rangers project and Release 2 and beyond as community projects. The initial team will be small and focused as outlined below, however, a call for reviewers will be made once the testing strategy is agreed by the team.



  • This Ranger project has the primary goal of delivering a out-of-band solution which assists the Dave (TFS Admin) and Garry (Dev Lead) personas, ensuring iteration maintenance can be more productive and consistent.


  • Productivity improvement for personas Dave and Gary
  • Productivity improvement for Rangers projects
  • Create foundation for community tool

Epic Proposals

  • Release 1 Scope
    • Epic 1: As Dave or Gary I want WIQL queries to be automatically updated when I move from iteration to iteration+1 or sprint to sprint+1.
    • Epic 2: As Garry and Doris (Developer) I want a reusable and documented tooling framework that allows me to implement Epics 3-6 and additional extensions.
  • Out-of-scope (planned as future community enhancements)
    • Epic 3: As Dave or Gary I want queries to be created or changed automatically in line with my process template when I create new Areas and Iterations so that I don’t have to do it manually
    • Epic 4: As Dave or Gary I want to be able to easily create sub projects (areas) in my team project so that I can run multiple projects under the one umbrella, maybe using the same team.
    • Epic 5: As Dave or Gary I want SharePoint folders to be setup automatically when I create areas and iterations so that I don’t have to do it manually
    • Epic 6: As Dave and Gary I want to have reports created that are already setup within a specific Area

Proposed TimeLine

  • Announce February 2011
  • Start March 2011
  • Epic 1 – Rangers Release FY11
  • Epic 2+ - Community (MVP Rangers) initiative

Project core team




Willy-Peter Schaub

Core Rangers

PM, Test Lead

Bill Essary

Core Rangers

PG Architect

Martin Hinshelwood

External Rangers

Dev Lead

Mike Fourie

External Rangers


Jeff Bramwell

External Rangers


Brian Blackman Core Rangers Scrum/Ruck Master, Developer

Comments (5)

  1. Stephen says:

    Sweet!  I am the guy that sets things up for "Gary" on my team (though I am not "Dave", just a developer)

    Epic 1 looks very useful.  I have wanted some way to do this before now.  I am happy to hear you will be creating a solution for it!

  2. Allen Feinberg says:

    Really looking forward to this solution. This is far to painful today. 🙂

  3. jvorchak says:

    The whole project sounds like great tools, looking forward to it, the out of scope epics look very interesting btw.

  4. magier says:

    Just found this exciting project, are you still on track?

  5. See…/toc-tfs-iteration-automation-blog-posts-and-reference-sites.aspx. We converted this to a community project and Martin is the best person to ask 🙂

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