TFS Integration Tools – How can I check which side of the migration will be affected? Q&A-47

I recently saw an interesting question in a support thread, where the question was “we want to be absolutely sure that no matter what it will not make any changes on the XYZ server”.

Looking at the following illustration we are configuring a migration from server XYZ to server ABC.

So, how can we verify … before hitting the button … that server XYZ will not be affected by the migration, in other words no changes will be made on XYZ?

  1. Open the session configuration file. For this post we will re-use the configuration file “de-mystified” from the configuration manual that is included in the readiness package:
  2. Find the attribute WorkflowType, similar to bookmark (9) in the example configuration file above.
    To move from server XYZ to ABC only, the DirectionOfFlow attribute must be set to unidirectional.
  3. Next verify that the direction of the unidirectional migration is correct.  Find the Session element, similar to bookmark (7) in the example configuration file above.
    - Ensure that the LeftMigrationSourceUniqueId refers to the migration source for server XYZ.
    - Ensure that the RightMigrationSourceUniqueId refers to the migration source for server ABC.
  4. Ensure that you locate and check all sessions, as a configuration file could define multiple sessions.

Once you have done the above steps and verifications, you should have a better understanding of your environment, the migration session configuration and be in a position to start the migration without having to worry that the incorrect migration source is impacted.

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