Rangers January 2011 Flash … better late than never :)

January 2011

Projects News

  • CodedUI
    After a short suspension during December due to other commitments, this project has been kicking-off again.
  • Word4TFS
    The project was suspended in December and most of January while the core team was negotiating a change of scope and minimum quality bar with the stakeholders.
  • Lab Management Guide
    Team busy consolidating the bits for the Alpha release, which is planned to be released to the project team during February 2011.
  • Build Customization Guide
    The Alpha release, version 2, has been released by the team leads to the project team and stakeholders for review. David V. Corbin’s feedback is very encouraging: “Just finished my second pass through the ALPHA-2 release, and can sum it up in just one word *WOW*! Until this past weekend, I had only been looking at the individual parts (and not necessarily all of them in detail). When put together as a whole, it is extremely compelling.” 🙂
  • Branching Guidance
    The start of version 2 of the branching guidance for 2010 is soon to be announced.
    The current version has taken the second spot in terms of total downloads since launching in January 2010, whereby downloads across all versions now exceeds 100k.
  • Guidance Localization (Willy)
    Francisco (MVP) shipped the latest localization.
    Here is a list of the available localized content and status of the localized content:
      - Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Tooling: Spanish
      - Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance: Spanish
      - Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010: Spanish, German

Community News

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