MSDN Article – TFS Branching and Merging Guidance

The Rangers have made their first appearance in the MSDN Magazine ( ) with a discussion on branching and merging.

Next time we will be visiting Team projects and Team project Collections. See you …

Comments (2)

  1. Stencil available? says:

    Willy, I like the guidance you are helping provide. It makes sense. I also like the way you annotate your diagrams and would like a Visio stencil to try it myself. Does something like that exist?

  2. We do not hava Visio stencil, but are sharing the PowerPoint templates we created as part of the guidance in We are busy with a new look&feel with the next version of the guidance as mentioned in…/vs-alm-rangers-branching-guidance-ideas-for-the-next-release.aspx.

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