Rangers Guidance Localizations … Sprechen Sie Deutsch? … ¿Habla Español?

Our External Rangers have done phenomenal work in terms of localizing some of the Rangers Guidance on Codeplex, making the content more meaningful to a diverse community.

To drive our quality over quantity objectives we need your candid feedback if you are fluent in the relevant language, so that we can give the localization Rangers guidance on what needs/should/could be changed to improve the localized guidance.

Here is a table of the available localized content and status of the localized content:

Guidance Language Status
Visual Studio 2010 Architecture Tooling Spanish Alpha
Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance Spanish Alpha
Visual Studio TFS Branching Guide 2010 Spanish

So, if you can say yes to either “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” or “¿Habla Español?”, please give us candid feedback on the relevant Codeplex discussion forum, as comments to this post or by contacting us here.

File:Flag of Germany.svgFile:Flag of Spain (Civil).svg

Comments (2)

  1. HMichael says:

    I checked the german localization – nice work

    page 26 – contains the typo "taTestabteilung", should be "Testabteilung"

    page 27 – "ZweigZweig"

    page 27/28 – inconsistence between  "Neuunterordnen" and "Neu Unterordnen"

  2. Thank you very much! We are forwarding thsi feedback to the localization authors and will update Codeplex acordingly. Vielen Dank!

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