Rangers Build Customization Guide – Status Update: ALPHA Release under magnifying glass

We have promised complete transparency … which is why we will briefly give everyone a status update on this exciting project, followed by an update on the Lab Management, Word4TFS and CodedUI projects in subsequent posts.

What’s happening?

We have just published the first consolidated Alpha release of the guidance (available to active team members only), which includes the following Epics:

  • Practical guidance to utilize Team Build process templates to automate build and non-build scenarios
  • Practical guidance to enable simple and flexible deployment of applications and their data stores
  • Practical guidance for Activities to empower developers and build engineers

The Beta release of the guidance (will be available to all Rangers), which should start bubbling up in March, will include revisions to the Alpha content, additional content for the Epics mentioned above and the following Epic:

  • Practical guidance and tooling to simplify the Team Build 2010 "Build" customizations

Early sneak peek of some of the bits

We cannot zoom in too much as we are in Alpha stage, however, you should see that there will be some great nuggets 🙂

The following is an extract from a breakout session slide, which shows some of the deliverables that are included in the Alpha release:

That’s it for today … I am hoping that I can convince the feature area leads to add their comments to this blog post and share some of their hi and low-lights of this project from their perspective. They are all busy digesting the ALPHA bits and are a passionate bunch of Rangers, so I am expecting comments shortly 🙂

Comments (4)

  1. Mike Fourie says:

    As the Feature Lead for Custom Activities on this project, it's great to see how it is all coming together. It's been an invaluable experience working with all the contributors and reviewers. The dedication and level of contribution from all has been outstanding and this is reflected in the quality of the 'Alpha' release.

    I will aim to process reviewing this material ASAP so we can get it released to the community.

    Thanks Willy and team for all the efforts.


  2. Jakob Ehn says:

    Looks promising, looking forward to see it!

  3. John Jacob says:

    I've had the great privilege of leading up the effort to kickstart the BRD lite effort as part of this build customization initiative. There is a lot of leverage-able customization Mike Fourie and Giulio Vian have contributed which we're working on consolidating into a lite template that represents a basic, plug and play build template. I'm very excited about the great collaboration we've had with Mike and Giulio, their collective expertise, and the rest of the build customization team, and of course Willy's keen leadership in keeping us on our course.  Additionally, it's been my great privilege and an educating experience to contribute towards sections of this guidance, and serving as one of the reviewers.

  4. It's been really exciting working on the Team Build and Post Build Guidance part of the Build Customization Guide. We've had a great group of people contributing their collective knowledge, practical examples, and tips around customizing Team Build. It's going to be a great companion to the Inside the Microsoft Build Engine book that Sayed Hashimi and I recently published. Thanks to everyone for their efforts on this project and I look forward to it being released to the community!

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