Requirements Management Guidance … where is the feature work item type?

We recently noticed the following questions on the discussion forum:

  • This is a really interesting document you have produced with some very detailed ideas and guidance. Throughout it you mention the feature work item type and that this was added to the CMMI template in TFS 2010. I've been trying to find it in the process template and reference to it elsewhere and can't find any mention.
  • Am I missing something. I am seeing a great document on Requirements Management Guidance but HOW DO I ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT THIS? Are there templates that I need to up load to TFS 2010?

Please note that we have just uploaded a new package to the Codeplex site:

The package contains the latest hands-on-lab manual (HOL) which guides you through the creation and use of the feature work item and a setup package to create the pre-requisite environment.

To setup proceed as follows:

  1. Unzip the package to c:\, so that the content as shown above lives comfortably in C:\HOL\Requirements Management. You should use a virtual test machine and not a production machine!
  2. As always, read the _README_FIRST.txt file first. Note that Power Tools can be found at
  3. Explore the hands-on-lab manual and ensure that your virtual test machine meets the minimal requirements.
  4. Path to the HOLSetup folder.
  5. Run the SetupHOL,ps1 PowerShell script, assuming you have read the _README_FIRST.txt file.

Once this is done, you can step through the hands-on-lab (HOL) manual and see how the feature work item type is created and used.

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