Rangers highlights of 2010

It is crazy how time flies … 2010 is dusted and we are storming ahead in 2011. What were some of the highlights of 2010 for the Visual Studio ALM Rangers?

Visual Studio 2010 Solutions

We shipped no less than eleven Rangers solutions that are focused on Visual Studio 2010 in 2010, with three more in the pipeline.

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/ee358787 and Ranger Projects – summary of projects covered on this blog for more information. In terms of download popularity we can see a definite trend in the following graph in terms of the front runners:

Ranger Champions

The eight Ranger champions, which are external Rangers elected by external Rangers, based on their overall impact made in the communities. We are excited by this nomination program, because the champions are nominated and elected by their peers every six months.

The first four champions in 2010 were:

Marcel de Vries

Mathias Olausson

Robert MacLean

nominated for the second time in a row

Clemens Reijnen

The second and current three champions in 2010 are:

Neno Loje 
2nd nomination … great!

Brian Randell

Mathias Olausson
3rd nomination … phenomenal!

Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracín

Awareness Events

A campaign to raise the awareness around the Rangers program and especially the work done by the external Rangers was started at Tech-Ed 2010 by Robert Maclean and Zayd Kara from South-Africa, and in Venezuela by Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracín from Ecuador at two events, which involved Rangers from around the world.

Sabbatical Program

The introduction of the Rangers Sabbatical program, which brought Robert Maclean to the Microsoft Canada Development Centre and Microsoft Redmond for a few works, working on the SharePoint adapters and Thorsten Dralle to Microsoft Raleigh working on the Subversion adapters for the TFS Integration Platform.

Rangers Requirements Program


The introduction of the Rangers Process Reengineering program, which is looking at improving the infrastructure and environment for all Rangers, in a virtual, distributed and often disconnected project world. The term Ruck is currently used for the Agile Rangers process and combines the best concepts from the agile and scrum frameworks, as well as learning’s from the every-day-life of the Rangers working on Rangers solutions.

Watch the space for news on the new forthcoming solutions 🙂

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