FAQ (1) about the Visual Studio ALM Rangers

I have been getting a number of the same questions from the community and it is probably time to start a frequently asked questions blog series.

What is the genetic makeup of a Ranger?

I love pictures … here is an attempt to answer this question with a picture showing the core genetic material that defines the Rangers:

For more information see Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Roles … dusting off some cobwebs and uncertainties.

How do I join the Rangers?

Robert and Francisco used the following pseudo code to explain the process at their respective awareness programs:

   1: // Basic flow of joining the Rangers
   2: if ( (you a MVP)  ||  (you are working for Microsoft ALM Partner) )
   3: {
   4:     Contact Bijan or Willy ;
   5:     Submit(details);
   6: }
   7: else 
   8: {
   9:     Ask a Visual Studio ALM MVP to nominate you;
  10:     Wait(for Rangers to contact you);
  11:     Submit(details);
  12: }
  13: // Details
  14: struct Details 
  15: {
  16:   - Firstname, Lastname
  17:   - Email Address
  18:   - Postal Address
  19:   - Mobile phone number
  20:   - Photo (one professional and one hobby)
  21:   - Blog or website URL
  22:   - Permission (or not) to include your name and blogs site on Rangers site
  23: }

What is the mission of the Rangers?

We will be publishing an article in the near future that talks about this question in greater detail. In the meantime here is the standard Rangers mission statement:
accelerate the adoption of Visual Studio with out-of-band solutions for missing features and guidance

Where can I find the Rangers solutions?

There are a number of good starting points:

Shout if you have more questions!

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