Rangers Flash – December 2011

Projects News Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Plug-in (VSCUG) … ready to ship after all assessments have been completed. Word4TFS (TFSWP) … team is evaluating the latest user experience improvements, in particular with the management of templates. Visual Studio 11 Readiness … the teams met the ALPHA review phase and are rebooting to meet…


ALM Ranger Champions – Willy’s nominations!

We try and highlight all the outstanding contributions by ALM Rangers and regularly nominate Champions, Champion of Champions and special achievements … but  unfortunately we do not know about all the phenomenal work done by the ALM Rangers behind the scenes. I have been watching the community for a while, have asked by colleagues for…


A happy and safe festive season and holiday everyone!

… the happy gang in Dullstroom in 2008 As we get ready to unplug ourselves from the digital world, we would like to thank everyone who has been part of our family journey, the phenomenal Visual Studio ALM Rangers and all the wonderful colleagues within and outside of Microsoft in 2011. We wish you and…


ALM Rangers Visual Studio 11 Readiness – Part1: A small peek at the upcoming TFS Planning Guide

In Understanding our Visual Studio 11 Readiness conspiracy we introduced our latest wave of ALM Ranger solutions that we are planning to release simultaneously (sim-ship) with Windows 8 and Visual Studio. We have just crossed a major milestone when the ALM Ranger teams started posting their ALPHA bits for a first wave of reviews by…


Picture(s) of the Week … 10 “Owl”

Special post for Bill Heys … some Artic Owls we spotted this morning And another Eagle keeping watch …


Picture(s) of the Week … 9 “Eagle”

I observed a Bald Eagle on one of the masts while taking the dog for a walk … he returned after a long period of absence … spot him on top of the mast. This morning, however, I was privileged to say good morning to a Bald Eagle sitting on a tree just next to…


Picture(s) of the Week … 8

A few snapshot made on my WinPhone on route to and around the BattleStar #41 this week. … who says that Ladner does not have stunning sunsets? Ladner, Sunday 17:00 … … Seattle downtown is switching to the Xmas theme. … did not know that there was a Charles Sterling “Chuck” Burger Battlestar #40/41 canteen….