Looking for in-the-field-experience for Rangers Guidance FAQ

As part of the Rangers Lab Management Guide and Build Customization Guide projects we are assembling a frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers section in each project, in which we are trying to address some of the challenges, questions and their solution/workaround.

… consolidating all the questions and answers.

If you have any topics from your in-the-field-experience that we should/can include, then contact me as soon as possible.

Comments (2)

  1. Allen Feinberg says:

    We've been looking for a way to have automated branches created and have automated merging done say everyone morning when we FI from Main to a dev branch (people forget!). Also we'd love to have guidance on how to merge by workitem. I understand that we can't merge by workitem in the product today..but how can we best identify and merge all of the changesets associated across multiple workitems in a certain state (say closed). Would love to hear guidance on 3rd party merge tools such as beyond compare and merge magician : http://www.mergemagician.com/

  2. Allen Feinberg says:

    Would love to learn about automated creation of branches via the API, would love to learn more about how to have automated merging say scheduled everyday at 1am from say Main to a dev branch for FI purposes (people forget). Would also like to hear about how to merge by workitem….I understand it's not in the product today but how can we easily identify all of the changeset associated with workitems at a particular state (say closed) and merge all of them to say main. Would love to have guidance on 3 party branching and merging tools such as beyond compare pro and tools like merge magician. http://www.mergemagician.com/ Thanks!

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