Visual Studio ALM Rangers – November Highlights

This post is a terse summary of major events that occurred in the Rangers community during November 2010, continued from the October 2010 update.

Rangers Index Updates

Three Rangers introduced themselves this month on our Rangers Index:

The top picture selected from these Ranger intros is:  
  … Manuel Boendel

Active Rangers Projects

The currently active projects are mentioned on

  • Build Customization Guide (VSBCG)
    This Ranger project has the primary goal of delivering scenario based and hands-on guidance for the customization and deployment of TFS Builds activities such as versioning, code signing, and branching.
  • Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management Guide
    The vision of this project is to provide practical and scenario-based guidance backed by custom VM template automation for reference environments.
  • Team Foundation Server Word Plug-in
    The vision of this project is to support the communication between non-technical users, who prefer Word as requirements elicitation tool, and the developer persona.
  • Coded UI Guide (VSCUG)
    With the addition of Coded UI Testing in Visual Studio 2010, there is a need for more in-depth guidance and scenario based hands-on labs. There are also some open issues and shortcomings that customers - and our own consultants - are facing which can turn into adoption blockers. It’s also important to define best practices which explain the effective and efficient use of these product features and how it can be scaled to large applications and projects.  This guide should also act as a reference point for troubleshooting tips and answering questions like when it is appropriate to use coded UI tests versus other testing methods available in the Visual Studio 2010.

Other bits we covered

  • TFS Integration Platform Codeplex updates, which are listed on the product blogging index.
  • Rangers WCF Load test tool has been refreshed. See the release note here and a link to a walkthrough here.
  • Latest on Rangers Requirements Management here.
  • Bizarre weather patterns in Vancouver which surprised us South-Africans.

Update on Rangers Statistics

It is really exciting to see that the percentage of external Rangers is slowly but surely creeping up on the extended Rangers 🙂

What’s planned for December 2010?

The Rangers project teams are working hard to complete the main sprint deliverables by December 23rd to achieve an IT-free Xmas this year … although we understand that it will be difficult to ask all the Rangers to sit on their hands and not switch on their electronic worlds.

On the home front we are planning a trip up north to the Yukon, to watch the Northern Lights and probably enjoy lots of Schnapps to keep warm. I will post the pictures of the northern territories during the last week of December when we are back.

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