Zayd will literally fall over … the old man has just replaced his Motorola phone with a Windows Smart Phone

 … what? Willy has a smartphone? … Zayd’s reaction.

Last week on Thursday I received a box from our mobile provider, which effectively replaced my Motorola W370 phone, with a LG LG-E900H Windows (Smart)phone.

Robert, please get some water, because Zayd has surely fallen over by now.

Zayd is one of my colleagues who knows that I have always been an advocate of a phone being a device that allows you to make and receive phone calls, not a device that has a million and one features, hiding the rudimentary phone feature hidden amongst all the bells and whistles. All phone upgrades I received over the past few years have always ended up with my sons, who gladly swapped their aging phones with me … the last being the trusted Motorola mentioned above.

It normally takes me a few days to get to grips with a new device … I am one of the weirdo's who has to read the user’s manual before switching on a device. If you deduct the 50min bus drive from the office to home, during which I browsed through the manual, I was familiar with most of the features of the phone and actively using them within minutes after unpacking the device.

My two cents worth to date …

  • The navigation system is intuitive and productive.
  • The Live Tiles (see picture on the right) create an amazing visibility of email, sms/text and appointments.
  • The support for multiple email accounts is huge plus.
  • The synchronization of calendars and contacts is scary … at least to me.
  • The support for Office file support is a really useful feature in my world.
  • … now to detect and find a use for the other gazillion features 🙂

What amazes me is that my sons simply picked up the phone and started navigating through the menus, changing settings and firing up applications I would not have noticed for years. They are proof that the user interface, the navigation system and Live Tiles technology is introducing an exciting, productive and functional new era.

Now all I have to get used to is that my virtual office literally travels with me 24x7 lurking within the tiny black device.

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