It never snows in Vancouver … really?

When we moved to Vancouver in January 2009 we were told by friends and Canadians that is hardly ever snows in Vancouver. Well, the day after we landed in 2009 there was a snow blitz, forcing my wife to drive the kids to school even though she had never driven in snow … back home in South-Africa we get about 1cm of snow every 10-20 years. Last Friday the Artic winds from up north again changed the average weather pattern, resulting in a freezing weekend and “snow”.

… VC weather report is scary for us African sun humanoids. At least it got warmer since last night Smile

Here are a few pictures from currently sunny, but freezing Ladner in Vancouver. As you can see, we got about one Dachshund height of snow fall so far.

 … even the soccer turf is closed.

Comments (4)

  1. Doug says:

    Well, hardly ever compared to the rest of Canada!

  2. Simon Munro says:

    It is when you start measuring snow in german shepherds or giraffes that you have a problem. A Dachshund is just not a scary measure of anything (snow, speed, viciousness)  

  3. Our Dachshund is indeed not a scary measure in terms of height, although his speed and viciousness makes up for his short legs. The striped prisioners (Racoons) seem to circle around our property. BUT, if it ever snows a Giraffe height of snow in Vancouver, we are all in trouble 🙂

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