Avoiding the annoying “PLEASE COMPLETE SUBJECT” subjects when using the Controlled Vocabulary Widget

Controlled Vocabulary is a “cool” widget standardise emails and allow everyone to use effective email rules.

… but, since we have been using the controlled vocabulary widget, we have also noticed an increasing number of emails with the “b” text in the subject, which is the default subject and not very useful.

One way to avoid these emails is to create an Outlook rule.

Look for the ] – PLEASE COMPETE SUBJECT text in the subject if you are using the default subject rules, or adapt to match your defaults.

Select to defer the delivery of the message, which unfortunately is a maximum of 120 minutes with the version of Outlook I am using.

While this rule does not alleviate the use of the default subject, but delays the email for long enough to make you wonder and inspect the email Smile

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