TFS Integration Platform – New Migration templates for SfTS Team Project Process Template

Patrick Magee has shared new migration configuration templates for migrations to SfTS3.0 using the TFS Integration Platform, which is part 2 to his first post XML Mapping for SfTS2.2 to SfTS3.0 on TFS2010.

Go here for the links for SfTS 2.2 to SfTS 3.0, MS CMMI template to SfTS3.0 and MSF4.0 to SfTS 3.0 maps.

Excuse me, but what does SfTS stand for? Scrum for Team System is the answer and you can find more details here.

Comments (3)

  1. Vaccano says:

    For those wanting to go from SfTS2.2 to Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 I posted the XML here:…/3e586610-d6c1-4f13-a0f6-42af383eea0f

  2. Vipul Vishwakarma says:

    I have a problem in making project in Visual Studio 2010 as after the installation it runs well but after the first time when the window is closed and the application is started on second time it gives an error " windows can not active viewer or one of its dependencies " something manifest like so plz mail me the soultion

    Plz mail me the soultion as i am having problem with this.

  3. I am not clear on what you mean when saying "making project". Team Project, Visual Studio project or some other context? As your problem does not appear to be related to this post, I recommend that you raise a thread on the relevant MSDN forum and include both a description of what you are trying to do and what the error conditions are.

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