TFS Integration Tools – Can we migrate Test Cases? Q&A-40

The Integration Tools are not designed to successfully migrate Test Cases at this stage. They need to be identified as Test Cases and processed as such, including the special XML encoded data fields, which should be cracked open and edited to point to the newly migrated work items.

You could review the Visual Studio 2010 Test Case Import Utilities at as an alternative.

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  1. Shai Raiten says:

    To perform a full scale migration you can use *Scrat* Migrate FULL HP Quality Center projects to TFS 2010

    Migration of all QC elements (Requirements, Bugs, Test Cases, Attachments, History and Links between items) to TFS 2010 and their interrelationships links

    Download Here –

  2. rick says:

    can we migrate test execution to tfs 2010 using scrat?

  3. I recommend you contact direct for all Scrat related queries. In the meantime I will ping Shai.

  4. How do I migrate Test Cases that were uploaded in TFS (same ID)? My concern is to update some fields related to specific Test Case(s).

  5. @Mansor, Q1: What do you mean with same ID … on source and target TFS? Q2: what field updates are you wanting to do?

  6. Jeff Smith says:

    Having quite a number of working test cases in lots of team project under many process templates – being a little more descriptive in this would be welcome. I am looking at a migration effort of some size – many varied team projects – but this phrase is not straightforward.

    "They need to be identified as Test Cases and processed as such, including the special XML encoded data fields, which should be cracked open and edited to point to the newly migrated work items"

    If I am migrating, of course I would identify the work items as test cases – they have not been renamed and I would likely be paranoid of this, given that I want to retain the test manager leverage. What are the "special XML encoded data fields"? The migration toolkit is driven by XML, but this clearly is refering to something else… I believe.

    Can you add a little clarity?

  7. Jeff,

    For example, looking at the TestCase WIT, you will find these two fields which are moved "as is" by the migration:

         <FIELD name="Steps" refname="Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.Steps" type="HTML">

         <FIELD name="Parameters" refname="Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.Parameters" type="HTML" />

    At this stage the TFS Integration Tools are not supported for Test Cases.

  8. Jeff Smith says:

    So I am fishing for a bit more info. What does the integration platform do and not do? How do I mitigate the results? I have thousands of test cases, and fear that we will not be able to migrate at all without more of an understanding on the detail level.

    If I can map work item fields from one collection and team project to another collection and team project – what gets missed? I am not surprised that some data is hard to move – because some data seems to live in test manager but not in work items…

    If we try to migrate, what data is lost or bad? Is there a way to mitigate with tools? What is the current state of the tool – since this page is two years old? Is there any more discussion that you can point me to?

  9. Jeff, the limitations are documented in the Migration Guidance document that is included with the product and are also listed on the download site here: If you are looking at migrating test cases then this is not currently the recommended tool.

    It is important that you perform a pilot migration using your process template(s) and data, to evaluate the cost, the feasibility and the loss of data, if any, that applies to your specific environment.

  10. John Townsend says:


    So what is the recommended tool for migrating Test Cases from one project to another?

  11. John, there are a number of tools you can investigate, such as:

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