TechED 2010 South-Africa – Announcing the Zune Winner

In TechED 2010 South-Africa … meet the MVPs, the Rangers and win a “Zune” 🙂 we mentioned that there will be one lucky winner of a Zune amongst the attendees of the session which was quite a success and mentioned in How Rangers laid 56’000km virtual copper cable to TechED session in South-Africa.

The lucky winner of the Zune is Terence Kruger.

The Zune has been sponsored by one of the Visual Studio ALM Core Rangers, out of his own pocket in support of the community and the continued collaboration of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), Rangers, Community Leads and Engineers who invest their own personal time and share their experience and passion to deliver out-of-band solutions and guidance for all of us.
… the 16GB HD Zune was out of stock, so it has been replaced with a 120GB Zune instead. Lots of media space Smile

Congratulations Terence. Keep an eye on your post box Smile and enjoy the Zune when it arrives!

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  1. Ruari says:

    Well done!!!!!

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