Requirements Management for Ranger Projects … Epics, Team and Personas

NOTE: This post is outdated. Please refer to for the latest ALM Ranger personas.


As part of the Ruck prototyping, the Rangers have embarked on a more formalised requirements management process for all new Rangers projects. The intent is to create a repeatable and systematic way of finding and addressing the killer features and top scenarios as part of the Rangers solutions. Watch this space for a work/live paper that outlines our objectives, our experience and recommended way forward in terms of using the ALM tooling to optimise the Rangers process and improve overall transparency and productivity.

In the interim the following diagram shows the relationship between epics, personas team and user stories, which feed into the guides and hands-on-labs (HOL).

But what do we mean with the various puzzle pieces?


Epics define the value proposition, elevator pitch and the team collaboration story. In essence it is an intent container for product backlog items and associated tasks.


Currently we define two types of teams, namely a small and a large team. The former is typically an agile minded team that cares less about processes and controls its own environments. The latter is more structured, typically dependent on corporate services and driven by policies and compliance.

The small team is nicknamed Hawk Consultancy and the large team Eagle Investments.
… Hawk Consultancy    … Eagle Investments


The following diagram shows the personas which we have defined and are using so far:

And here are the personas, listed in no specific order:


What do “you” think? Are we missing someone?

Comments (6)

  1. Pieter says:

    Roles that have a part in projects I do:

    Customer super user – This person knows all about the business services and process that are being automated. He creates requirements or provides input to them. He is also part of the test discipline.

    Project manager – This person coordinates the project in terms of planning and progress.

    Architect – this person oversees the technical solution, creates high-level designs and QA reviews.


  2. Jan says:

    DevOps = Dev + Build Master + Infrastructure + Test

  3. Doris the Developer Mindset:  Hates creating detailed system documentation and long, precise, and "boring" build documents,

    Richard the Tech Writer: Works independently and remotely a lot. Mindset: Lets stick to the documentation standards agreed to. Importance: Making the documentation usable. KISS is King.

  4. Sherry the Analyst Architect Mindset: Loves to create order out of chaos. HA rules. Integration is power. Enjoys discovery meetings in person. IM and Video conferences too impersonal.

  5. Jay says:

    Business Analyst: Where is this role?

  6. @Jay, I just added a note at the top of the post to point readers to the site which defines the latest ALM Ranger personas and customer types we typically use in our solutions. You will note that the BA has joined the personas as Dinesh 🙂

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