TFS Integration Tools – Are labels supported now? Q&A-39

In Why are my labels not moving? Q&A-5, posted back in October 2009, we stated that labels are not supported by the TFS Integration Platform. This question has once again been spotted in discussions and we should therefore re-visit the question.

Are labels supported?

Yes, the TFS Integration Platform supports the concept of Labels.

Are labels implemented on all providers?

Depends … the classic information technology (IT) answer Smile 

Some of the platform of the providers, such as ClearCase, have implemented support of labels to maintain the integrity of group of changes using the Add-Ins extensibility.  Refer to the TFS Integration Tools – Configuration document for information on the “Change Group Label Analysis Addin” that generates migration instructions to create a label on the target (TFS)  side of the migration.

You can use the platform extensibility points to develop additional add-ins for other providers, referring to the above mentioned add-in as a great example.

Comments (4)

  1. Tom says:

    So will labels be picked up and migrated/synced as part of a TFS to TFS migration/sync?

  2. The labels are migrated with the providers that include the support as mentioned in this post, for example, the ClearCase Provider includes the mentioned Add-In that generates migration instructions for the labels. Other providers need to im plement similar functionality.

  3. Tom says:

    I've read the doc…but I'm still confused. Does the TFS Migration Platform support migration of source control Labels from 1 TFS server to another TFS server?

  4. No, at this stage only the ClearCase providers include the support as mentioned in this post. The label support for other providers, i.e. TFS, are on the backlog and will be included in future versions of the platform.

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