Coded UI Guide – Another new Rangers project is launched

We have just announced the latest Visual Studio ALM Rangers project, which was as one of the top 10 by the Rangers and MVPs.


… copied from Bijan’s announcement email.

With the addition of Coded UI Testing in Visual Studio 2010, there is a need for more in-depth guidance and scenario based hands-on labs. There are also some open issues and shortcomings that customers - and our own consultants - are facing which can turn into adoption blockers. It’s also important to define best practices which explain the effective and efficient use of these product features and how it can be scaled to large applications and projects.  This guide should also act as a reference point for troubleshooting tips and answering questions like when it is appropriate to use coded UI tests versus other testing methods available in the Visual Studio 2010.

As usual and in compliance with Ranger quality standards, the package will include white paper, deck, hands-on labs, custom VM, and a pair of TechReady session and HOL.

Stretch goal:  This project will provide guidance on how to enable Coded UI Test for newer browsers like Chrome and how to work with Office applications.

Project Core Team




Lee Parrish

Rangers and Services Senior Consultant

Dev Lead

Mathew Aniyan

VS Test & Lab Management Senior PM

PG SME and Product Owner

Bijan Javidi


Project Manager

Give me a shout if you have any questions and send us your “candid” feedback as always 🙂

Comments (7)

  1. Stephen says:

    This is going to be great!   Coded UI tests look really good, but they also look like they could be used wrong.

    Can't wait to read it!

  2. Debra Forsyth says:

    We have a client that are reording a MappedUI.cs file for each web page then for each object on the web page. They are then creating methods that use the MappedUI.cs to create tests. This way they only have the MappedUI.cs files to update if things change. Are you going to explain how this can be done. I believe it is a great process and will help minimize maintenance of the automated tests.

  3. Stacy Cheatham says:

    Is this guide available?

  4. Stacy … No, we announced the start of the project, which is an opportunity for the community to give feedback to the team as to what is important to consider for the guidance. Keep an eye on our monthly flashes (…/highlights) which included a status update on all active projecs or the project tag (…/vscug) for ongoing news. When we ship early BETAs or the final product, we will blog proactively 🙂

  5. I'm excited for this one…some ideas which would really help our team:

    Better guidance for searching for partial / dynamic control properties (PropertyExpressionOperator.Contains)

    How to create "helper" methods that dynamically build UITestControl instances and search for them at runtime (this is very important)…and how to keep these performant

    Better guidance for creating TestInterpreter / Coded UI extensions (beyond the Excel add-in)

    Better documentation of the underlying .uitest XML format (even with Feature Pack 2, only methods can be moved, not controls

  6. Rajababu K says:

    Provide as many Hands on Lab as possible for practice on RUI application.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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