How Rangers laid 56’000km virtual copper cable to TechED session in South-Africa

Zayd and Robert hosted a great Rangers awareness and integrative TFS discussion session at TechED. For me the session was exciting not only because I noticed a number of attendees showing interest for the Rangers and actively collaborating in the Q&A, but we even had Francisco from Ecudaor, Martin from the UK and Bijan from Redmond in the session. A great example of the distributed nature of the Rangers ecosystem.

Vancouver Durban 16967km
Redmond Durban 16998km
Glasgow Durban 10109km
Guayaquil Durban 11897km

What is truly amazing is that the Rangers laid a total of 55971 kilometers (34778 miles) of virtual copper cable to participate in the discussion 🙂

Thank you Zayd, Robert, Bijan, Francisco and Martin for your time and for coordinating this fascinating whiteboard session!

The presentation slides can be found here.

By the way …!

   … you must watch this video of Robert and Kinect … I am still rolling on the floor laughing 🙂 Sorry Robert 🙂 Watch more video by searching for techedafrica on

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