Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Monitoring Management Pack for SCOM 2007 Ships!

As announced by Bijan, the Rangers Lead a short while ago …

A couple of hours ago, we went live and shipped Visual Studio 2010 Team Foundation Server Monitoring Management Pack for SCOM 2007 J Once more and for the 3rd generation, it was an amazing journey to develop and deliver this Ranger product. Those who have been observing us, know how relieved I am. Yes, we made it!

This is a true extension to our flagship product Team Foundation Server 2010. It is a commercial product which delivers the capabilities for professional monitoring and management of TFS infrastructure components. It is published on the official MP download public site.

Kudos to Lee Parrish, the dev lead, for  a great job and for exceeding all expectations and thanks to Larry for managing this project from the Services side so effectively. This was yet another great cooperation project with Scott Davis’s org.

Big thanks also to Ed Holloway for leading the PM role and representing the TFS product group. Special thanks to Grant Holiday for testing the beta MP in our internal dog-fooding environment (Pioneer).

We should also thank many other pilot projects who played an instrumental role in QA and product hardening. Here is the list:

  • Mary Kay
  • Motricity
  • Avanade
  • Xerox
  • EnhanceALM

Product Summary

The Team Foundation Server 2010 Monitoring Management Pack, which is created by Visual Studio ALM Rangers, provides both proactive and reactive monitoring of Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010. It monitors TFS components such as application tier server instances, team project collections, build servers, and proxy servers.

Feature Summary

The monitoring provided by this management pack includes availability and configuration monitoring, performance data collection, and default thresholds. You can integrate the monitoring of Team Foundation Server components into your service-oriented monitoring scenarios.

  • Auto discovers of TFS components
  • Implements containment hierarchy, reflecting logical architecture of the Product
  • Implements a proper health model with Monitors
  • Contains tasks, diagnostic and recovery for certain failures
  • Provides events that indicate service outages
  • Provides alerts that show configuration issues and connected data source changes
  • Verifies that all dependent services are running
  • Triggers targeted running of BPA against TFS Servers from Operator Console


Comments (2)

  1. We are having some issues with the TFS Management Pack not sending successful info back to the SCOM console. Is it possible for our team to speak to some one on the TFS 2010 management pack team? It would be really appreciated. We have escalated this to microsoft but have not had any success.

  2. @RobiSingh, please contact me on…/contact.aspx. I would need contact, support incident and issue details to investigate.

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