Lab Management Personas – a sneak preview and a call for feedback

The Lab Management Guide team, in particular the Planning and setup user stories feature area team, is working hard to define the personas we believe are important in the Lab Environment ecosystem.

An Early View

Here is an early and rough visual representation of the personas we expect to care about the Lab Management planning and setup guidance:

Call for feedback

  • Does the illustration make sense?
  • Are the identified personas correct? Should we add more … if yes, which?
  • Should the guidance focus on the small, the large or both customer/team environments?

Your candid feedback will be appreciated.

Comments (1)

  1. Mical says:

    Less than 1000 Developers? We're trying to use Lab Managemment and we are a total team of less than 10, total company is less than 50. Most of the TFS folks we talk to are on our scale, usually less than 30. What about when the Development Lead and Release manager are in fact one in the same person just wearing mulitple hats? We are very new to TFS and to VMM so I'd like to vote for those of use aren't experts at either but have to do everything with a small team of 1.

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