TFS Integration Tools – Are labels supported now? Q&A-39

In Why are my labels not moving? Q&A-5, posted back in October 2009, we stated that labels are not supported by the TFS Integration Platform. This question has once again been spotted in discussions and we should therefore re-visit the question. Are labels supported? Yes, the TFS Integration Platform supports the concept of Labels. Are…


TFS Integration Tools – What is the new CQQueryTimeDelimiter all about? Q&A-38

We introduced another new custom setting for the Rational IBM ClearQuest adapter, which resolves incompatibility of date/time delimiters amongst different databases. … just when I forgot about those adventures they re-emerge. The following query will run against a SQL backend: select distinct T1.dbid,T1.headline,T2.login_name,T4.login_name from Defect T1,users T2,users T4 where T1.owner = T2.dbid and T1.submitter =…


Grant gets his own tag on the Rangers blog … to unearth all his invaluable nuggets

Grant, an ex-MVP, now working in the TFS team and keeping … amongst many other things … a competent eye on the Team Foundation Servers and TFS Integration Platform migration sessions within the mother ship, has assisted the Rangers on many occasions with guidance, hint, tricks and technology nuggets. To make them easier to find…


UNISA Chatter – Operating System Concepts: Part 14 … Scheduling Revisited

See UNISA – Summary of 2010 Posts for a list of related UNISA posts. This is one of the final exam preparation posts and looks at some of the common scheduling algorithms and reviews the associated assignment from this year as an example. If you are not studying at UNISA, you should probably skip this…


TFS Integration Tools – Why are the timestamps and changeset IDs not moving from source to target? Q&A-37

If we look at the product documentation, in particular the Migration Guidance document, we will notice the following known and documentation restrictions: In essence the limitations clearly state that: Work item and Changeset IDs are not preserved, but instead re-created by TFS on the target at the time of migration. Work item and Changeset timestamps…


Coded UI Guide – Another new Rangers project is launched

We have just announced the latest Visual Studio ALM Rangers project, which was as one of the top 10 by the Rangers and MVPs. Abstract … copied from Bijan’s announcement email. With the addition of Coded UI Testing in Visual Studio 2010, there is a need for more in-depth guidance and scenario based hands-on labs….


Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Willy-Peter Schaub

This post is part of an ongoing series of Rangers introductions. See An index to all Rangers covered on this blog for more details. Who Are You? I currently have the great privilege to be part of the Visual Studio ALM Rangers, surrounded by passionate and competent engineers, as a Program Manager (see for…


How Rangers laid 56’000km virtual copper cable to TechED session in South-Africa

Zayd and Robert hosted a great Rangers awareness and integrative TFS discussion session at TechED. For me the session was exciting not only because I noticed a number of attendees showing interest for the Rangers and actively collaborating in the Q&A, but we even had Francisco from Ecudaor, Martin from the UK and Bijan from…


Ruck and using the Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 Process Template … Part 2

Continued from Ruck and using the Microsoft Vidual Studio Scrum 1.0 Process Template. Scenario Again it is important to emphasise that we are NOT documenting problems, but anomalies that we are experiencing with the process template in the environment and in the manner we are using it. It is therefore important to define whether the…