Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Important Quick Reference Guidance and VM Factory update

Both the VS 2010 Quick Reference Guidance and the TFS 2010 VM Factory projects are using the Capacity Planning quick reference poster, which have recently undergone some cosmetic surgery after we realized that the poster can be misinterpreted.

The area of change on the quick reference poster is the following:

In addition we have included an Excel Workbook, which is based on the quick reference poster which will give you “rough” estimations of the actual infrastructure, based on the guidance.

  1. To use the workbook you would capture the current and the future maximum number of active users.
  2. The green indicators highlight which of the topologies, i.e. single server ATDT, dual server AT and DT or scale out, are feasible.
  3. The top infrastructure refers to the current number of active users.
  4. The bottom infrastructure refers to the maximum number of active users.

It is important to remember that the quick reference guidance is all about guidance and recommendations based on in-the-field experience. It does not deliver a one-for-all-environments solution and therefore any associated guidance must be adapted to your environment.

Download the latest versions from here and give us your candid feedback.

The VM Factory guidance packages found here have also been updated accordingly.

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