Chatter … Aviation and Eagles … for those wondering where the Eagle Codenames in recent Rangers project are coming from :)

Our late son, Alexander, was passionate about many things, but aviation and Eagles were probably two of the top contenders. As mentioned in Alexander Schaub (1992.05.18 – 2010.06.28) … the speeches, pictures and songs for everyone who knew the “Champ” we have adopted an Eagle for him, named after his more beautiful half Nicola, who now proudly flies with Rosie, the Eagle adopted by our other son Jacques a few years ago.

So, if you are wondering where the Eagle codenames of Ranger projects I am responsible for are coming from, wonder no more 🙂 Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Tackling Lab Management a la “Ruck”, for example, has the codename African Hawk Eagle (AHE). Other codenames that will soon be emerging include “African Tawny Eagle (ATE)” and “African Fish Eagle (AFE)” all proud stars at (

The stars …

… Mark, Mark and Jacques (2006)

… Rosie (2007) … the Tawny Eagle.

… Nicola (the feathered one)

… Alexander and his more beautiful half “Nicola” (2010)

Last weekend I was pondering over Alexander’s artwork and some of the descriptions he wrote in his art scrap book … I am sure the champ will not object to me sharing some of the artworks and his comments that embrace Eagles in some way or another.

Artwork …

Artist: Alexander … 2008

Artist: Alexander … 2009

Artist: Alexander … 2009 (the only artwork I found without an Eagle)

Artist: Alexander … 2010

Descriptions, comments, quotes from Alexander’s artwork …

  • The sky is the place where I can do what I want. The answer to freedom and happiness.
  • The Eagle is a symbol of my focus towards my passion and refuge “aviation”. The Eagle being a true icon of flying and the focus it has, gives the image of how I approach my refuge. “With a lot of Focus!”
  • The Eagle stands for everything that has to do with aviation, as it is the “king of the air in nature” … the same way as I feel once airborne.

Fly high, proud and safe Champ! Your passion for Eagles, nature in general and aviation will not be forgotten. Many of the Rangers projects will proudly carry an Eagle related codename in future 🙂

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  1. Pam Johannsen says:

    Another moving and beautiful tribute to such a special young man.  Thank you Willy, for keeping Alex's spirit soaring.  He is with us in so many ways and on a daily basis, creeps into our conversations and thoughts.  You are doing an honorable job of keeping his memory alive. I always look forward to your updates.  Love and a giant HUG from a starry, blossom scented African night.  Pam

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