African Hawk Eagle (Rangers Lab Management Guide) – The “team”

We have the definition of the project team … a family of passionate, competent and knowledgeable technologists … the result will be phenomenal 🙂

The final feature areas …

Unchanged as mentioned in Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Tackling Lab Management a la “Ruck”:

  1. Planning and setup user stories … setting up Lab Management
  2. Lab maintenance stories … maintaining Lab Management environment with evolving projects
  3. Test environments guidance … using Lab Management
  4. Manual and automated testing guidance … effective testing with Lab Management
  5. VM factory … Golden template creation

The team …

The  names:

Adam Jagocki; Adimulam Sudheer; Anthony Borton; Bijan Javidi; Bob Hardister; Brian Blackman; Brian Keller; Chris Burrows; Christian Nielsen; Christopher Menegay; Darren Rich; Etienne Tremblay; Ewald Hofman; Francisco Fagas; Harish Reddy Kothapalli; Janice Choi; Mark Nichols; Mathias Olausson; Michael Ruminer; Micheal Learned; Mick Miller; Pål Bendiksen; Paul Hacker ; Paul Meyer; Pramod Vasanth ; Prasanth Dandamudi; Randy Miller; Richard Florance; Rob Jarratt; Rui Melo; Sin Min Lee; Tiago Pascoal; Tony Feissle; Vijay Machiraju; Wendell Phillips; Willy-Peter Schaub; Zayd Kara

”Some” of the faces:

The Deliverables …

The team is busy digesting the product backlog and starting with sprint 1 planning, so the exact details are not available at this point. What we know, however, are the core deliverables that the team is designing:

Hope this meets your expectations and that this project will be as exciting to you as it is for us 🙂

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  1. Mike Paterson says:

    I am DEFINITELY looking forward to this!

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