UNISA Chatter – Design Patterns in C++ Part 10: Final Assignment

See UNISA – Summary of 2010 Posts for a list of related UNISA posts. This post is one of the summary posts I will be building up over the next couple of months, so if you are following this topic or completing the same course as I this year, you may want to bookmark this post and come back occasionally for a peek and to give “candid” feedback.

If you are not studying at UNISA, this material summary is probably best skipped for more interesting topics … 🙂

Well, if all goes well, I have just spent my last two (very long) weekend working on my last assignment for UNISA.

Here is the class diagram of my final assignment … the coding was fun, the debugging even more fun and the final product … even though I was unable to work on UNISA stuff in July and beginning of August due to a family emergency … looks fairly decent.

I implemented all required business requirements … as I understood them … and implemented, documented and tested test cases for each. The final assignment mark should therefore be an acceptable one 🙂

Thanks to Visual Studio 2010 the editing experience was great and an excellent opportunity to put the architecture tooling to test. All of the actual compiling and debugging was done in the QT environment, as required by UNISA. Hopefully they will allow the use of other development environments for future assignments.

… loaned from our book “Software Engineers on their way to Pluto”.

Well, to all my colleagues sweating to complete the last assignment and starting their preparations for the Oct/Nov exams  … GOOD LUCK!

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