TFS Integration Platform … why can I not create a filterpair in the TFS Integration program? Q&A-33

I  a recent support discussion I noticed the question: “I would like to add another branch to be mirrored to one of the sync session. What does this warning message mean in the TFS Integration program shell and what would happen if I add the filterpair to the XML configuration manually?

If we would add a new filterpath and not use a snapshot point, the migration may fail with a new path as only history after the current high-watermark is migrated. If, however, we use a snapshot point, we can add a new filterpath by editing the configuration manually.

… the decision to disable editing in the TFS integration program shell was a “Judge Dredd” team decision, because the shell does not support adding snapshot points automatically.

See TFS Integration Platform – I have just moved my VC content, now I want to sync from a specific snapshot … now what? or the TFS Integration Platform documentation for more information on snapshots.

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