Rangers Solutions … why the heck are we publishing on Codeplex?

We recently noticed a negative comment on the Internet, relating to Rangers solutions and the use of Codeplex. Let me clarify this topic briefly …

Who creates the Rangers solutions?

The Rangers consist of a community that bridges Microsoft product groups, services and other teams, as well as Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVP) and other technology experts in the communities. This ensures that the solutions are not only aligned with Microsoft products, quality and strategies, but include “real-world” and “in-the trenches” experience and intellectual property in both the out-of-band solutions for missing features and guidance. What is important to emphasise is the fact that Rangers can only publish once they get the approval (signoff) from the relevant product groups.


PG=Product Group, MVP=Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, ICP=Inner Circle Partner, CL=Community Lead, MCS=Microsoft Consulting Services

Why do we use Codeplex as our publishing channel?

We are discussing using other distribution channels, however, Codeplex allows us to publish with minimal overhead and with maximum access to both Microsoft and the non-Microsoft team members. It also enables us to accept participation requests and input from anyone who has access Codeplex.

If Codeplex is not the correct channel, we would appreciate your feedback as to why and suggestions which we can include in our current discussions.

Comments (2)

  1. Alfred Myers says:

    Why wouldn't it be the appropriate place? Do you have a link to the negative comment?

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