Alexander Schaub … our son, brother and “champ” remembered

I will unfortunately be offline for the foreseeable future as we head back home to embrace our fallen angel. I will resume the Rangers blog as soon as possible.

Alexander, our son and brother to Jacques and Thorsten was born in South-Africa on 18 May 1992. A tragic car crash on Sunday/27 tuned our world upside down and when he passed away peacefully on 28/6, he left an enormous hole that will never be filled in many of our lives. He was only 18 years and one month young.

IMG00124-20100622-1245  … his happiest days were any day he could be up in the air.

P7110244  ... always smiling and joking.

 P7060055  … in 2008 Alexander flew in an ex-military jet with his special hero, Ralf. He never stopped talking about that flight.

PC220332 … our boys Jacques, Thorsten and Alexander at the end of 2009. The happy trio.

P1090417 P1100421 P1100422 .. a very special day with the “Champ” in Vancouver.

There are so many things that made him our special “champ” … his endless and unconditional love for his family and fiends, his gentle nature, his determination to perform well at everything he did, his love for numerous of sports, including swimming and scuba diving, and his sheer passion for flying made him a very special person. He proved himself over and over as he spend the last 1.5 years on his own in South-Africa, finishing school and completing is pilot license by himself, all part of a long dream of one day flying in the German Luftwaffe … he would have graduated in 3 months, joined his family in Canada for a short vacation and would have started his dream career in July 2011.

It is comforting to know that his last few weeks have been very special and that he was on an absolute high. He could not stop talking about his pilot hero and close friend Brian, his special angel Nicola, the “AFOS Flying Team” that became a second and special family to him and especially the many, many hours of flying under the African blue sky.

Alexander, we will never forget you. You have been a phenomenal son and an exceptional example and hero to your brothers. They have learnt so much from you and they will both make you very proud!

For you, we will all be strong and continue with your motto “if you have a dream and you are determined, you can achieve anything”. Your favourite song Danger Zone, performed by Kenny Loggins, will play in our minds forever and whenever we spot a Vulture or Eagle majestically soaring high in the sky, we will smile, knowing that you are free, resting in peace and flying with the best of the best.

Last night Jacques said that if Alexander could say one final thing, he would say … “do not feel sorrow, do not cry for me, but rather celebrate life and remember me by just how much I achieved and lived in my short but very special life”.

Alexander, we love you and we will never forget you … hug from your loving family Mama, Jacques, Thorsten and Papa.

The final farewell ceremony will be at Dove Funeral Home, on Malebongwe, Johannesburg on Friday at 11:00. As per Alex’s wishes, do not wear black, come with a smile and say goodbye to this young gentleman.

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  1. I don't have any words to say. My heart and mind is with you and your family during this tragic time. If you need anything, do not be afraid to ask.

  2. Pam Johannsen says:

    Alex was indeed an exceptional young man! It was an honour to have had him in our lives and in our home. He touched so many lives and has motivated so many young people to persue their goals, not just dream about them.  He will be sorely missed by all, but especially his "Engel", who was accepted for who she is and was loved unconditionally by this special young gentleman.  Alex, we will never forget you!  You will live on in our memories, in every plane we see, every dive we make and in every goal we achieve! R.I.P, The Johannsens

  3. Brigitte Clark says:

    R.I.P. my cousin. What a wonderful young man you were. We only wish we could have spent more time with you. Love you lots and fly high…

    Love Brigitte and Andrew

  4. Steven Hilton says:

    I was so sad to hear of your loss. My prayers and wishes are with you all.

  5. Reiner Runge says:

    Even if I never knew your son, I feel I should tell you that I will always be thinking of you and your family during this hard time.R.I.P Alexander, you have lived so many lives for such a young man.

  6. Betty Ann Oakley says:

    I am so sorry for your loss and I just want to let you know that we are thinking about you all the time. Alexander was an incredible  person who touched and made a difference in so many lives. He followed his dream and became a very fine young man. I am sorry that I never had a chance to meet this incredible person who made so many people proud.

    Love from Betty Ann, Ken and Matt

  7. Boris Pekarsky says:

    My heart go out to your family at this most difficult time.

  8. Angela de Vallier says:

    Dear Carola, Willie, Jacque and Thorsten. My heart goes out to you all at a time like this, and breaks a little more when I think of Alex. He was a very special person, whom I have never seen sad or angry. As Jared said, he was one of the best and toughest training buddies he ever had. No challenge was to hard to achieve, so as a friend, buddy – he will be sadly missed. RIP Alex. May you fly with the angels with those wings you so desevedly earned. To the family, keep strong, remember Alex as he would want you to. Remember his smile and may it give you strength. Love always Jared, Philippe and Angie

  9. Bill Heys says:


    I cannot express in words the sadness I feel for you, your family, and the friends of Alexander. I am so sorry. I hope some day with the many positive memories you have that peace will find you all.



  10. Lisa Comyn says:

    Dearest Carola and Willy, congratulations on being such wonderful parents who brought up such a magic boy!  

    RIP Alexi – such  an honour to have known you.  I will remember you always.

  11. Kate Quenville says:

    Dear Carola, Willie, Jacque and Thorsten. There are no words that can convey the feelings and thoughts that are in my head and in my heart. My thoughts are constantly with you right now. I am glad that I was able to meet Alex when he visited with Thorsten at school. He was such a special young man and this wonderful piece of writing about him shows how he touched so many. Know that we at Southpointe are here for you when you return and until then we send our heartfelt love across the world to you.

  12. Christy and Scott Ukranitz says:

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you … we are so sorry for your loss.

  13. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family at this very difficult time. We will be here for you when you are back, and if there is anything that we can help with please do not hesitate to call or email. We wish you much with the wonderful memories that you have of such a spectacular young man. You are in our thoughts each day.

    Connie, Donald, Donald, Frank and Hillyard.

  14. Joachim Eberle says:

    Dearest Carola and Willy,

    We go back a long way and I have said everything that can be said, yet I know that nothing that I, or anyone else for that matter, say can possibly make a difference at this point. Alex was a great son, a superb brother and an excellent friend. You can be proud of him. This young man knew what he wanted from life and he lived it passionately. He was also very much in love at the end. Love and passion – two very powerful words. What more can one possibly want? Though it was too early, far too early, I think of Alex and the years during which I had the privilege of babysitting him and cannot help but smile. Sometimes I thought, “Why am I even here?” as Alex pinned down Jacques and Thorsten and told them to “behave” 😉 Very amusing indeed. He was a great boy. He was our champ. Just remember he is always with you and always will be. Let us celebrate his life for the many hearts he touched. Take good care of each other and please know that I am always there for you and the boys.

  15. Mark Holder says:

    Guys our thoughts are with you and as we fly the birds high this weekend, we will think of Alexander. Be proud you are a wonderful family

  16. wayne & kim van ry says:

    Dear Carola & Willy,

    Terrible news, our thoughts are with you and the family….

  17. Sharon and Kari Cook says:

    Our thoughts and hearts are with you. We are so sorry for your loss.

  18. My thoughts and prayers are with you, even as a father myself I can't even imagine what you're going through at the moment. You must be very proud of raising such a great  boy.

  19. Bill Ross says:

    Carola and family, my family and I wish to convey our deepest condolences on your very great loss.  Alexander seemed to be such an independant and successful young man who had a very clear vision of what his life would be.  He obviously had the incredible support of a very loving family and your life here in Canada and his in SA only goes to show how small a world it actually is.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you. And having seen the blue Africa Sky we have to know Alex is in good hands while flying freely.

  20. Uli Kessel and family says:

    Dearest Carola, Willie and boys,

    you have been truely blessed to have had such an amazing son as Alex was. He was a passionate and exemplary person whose determination in variuos fields guaranteed excellence. We heard with utter horror about the tragic end to his young and promising life and feel with you. Jasper and Max told us about the very moving funeral ceremony that we could not attend.

    Alex, rest in peace and continue to give your family strength and hope in these diffivult days. Remember that you have always lived your dream and accordingly lived a life without waste; one that one would wish for so many other young men.

  21. Rotor Kop says:

    RIP fellow aviator – unfortunately it is the good ones that die young in order to give guys like me a chance at what you would have been better at!!

  22. Vusa says:

    We attended the same ground school for the PPL at Afos in Germiston. He always sat at the front and aced all the questions asked.

    What a sad loss to a special individual.

    Condolences to the family.

  23. Tamara, Dino, Luca, Cinzia and Hans Leidenberg says:

    Alex will be remembered as a young man with a gentle nature, always polite and smiling and yet with a strong will and determination to achieve his goals : in my mind the same way Alex stood on the podium to receive his swimming trophy, Alex stands before us on the podium of life to receive his prize as a true CHAMP with the humbleness only Alex can share. We will always remember you Alex!!

  24. Deon De Necker says:

    Dear Schaub Family,

    Please allow me to praise you, Alan & your friends on the way you handle a very difficult time with honouring Alex’s memory on his Facebook Wall & Willy's Cave Blog. I know that the past 6 months have not been easy for you, yet you persevered and working through the ordeal. Your grace and strength in the face of adversity is so admirable and stand as an example to us all.

    I just wanted you to know that I appreciate how far you have come.

    RIP…Alex and Marco…

    Kind regards,

    Deon J De Necker (Marco's life partner of 15 years)

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