TFS Integration Platform – BETA Codeplex refresh 2010-06-22

The installation package and code base on has just been refreshed. The change report, pulled from Codeplex (as is), shows some exciting changes:

Codeplex Beta update as of 51964 – 2010-06-22

  • Toolkit:
  • Update toolkit constants to align the recent data folder name change: TfsIPData
  • Add the ClearCase BETA POC documentation and the revised Index.
  • Add FileSystemShell adapter to MigrationTools.sln
  • Moved config export/import backend logic from tfsintegrationadmin to toolkit
  • Changed to raise a ChangeGroupInProgress conflict when other inprogress change groups are detected during delta table generation.
  • Update session group details view; add latency check sproc
  • Move configuration of Migration Source Addins from CustomSettings to Addins section
  • Provide better error message in AnalysisEngine when a change action is not registered with the AnalysisProvider
  • Tools:
  • TfsIntegrationAdmin: ServiceAccount /add /update options are differentiated now
  • TfsIntegrationAdmin: remove shell dependency on TfsIntegrationAdmin
  • TfsIntegrationAdmin: session group deletion supports service abort scenarios
  • Adapters/Addins:
  • TFS WIT Adapter:
  • Adding cyclic link closure info to conflict details
  • Change bypassrule to enabled by default
  • Fixing cyclic link details serialization bug - missing source and target ids in closure info
  • TFS VC Adapter
  • Changed code review code to handle implicit rename caused by recursive rename.
  • ClearCase Adapter
  • Changed the CCServer.cs to skip branch verification when BranchName is empty in the configuration file
  • Shell:
  • Prevent selection of invalid stored queries for CQ if record type contains All_UCM_Activities
  • Add descriptive default values for DownloadFolder and CC filter string in CC templates


The documentation has not been refreshed and the BETA documentation and readiness package is included in the installation or available as a separate download here.

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