TFPT.EXE CreateTeamProject – Gremlin 0x8001010A … under observation

If you have stumbled over a gremlin, that has been reported by us and is currently under investigation. One of the troublesome HOL setup scripts is the one below, whereby lines 101, 103, 105 and 107 have been inserted to nudge ourselves around the issue.

   1: # Copyright © Microsoft Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.
   2: # This code released under the terms of the 
   3: # Microsoft Public License (MS-PL,
   4: #
   6: #Simply writes a blank to the screen
   7: function blankLine
   8: {
   9:     Write-Host -Object:""
  10: }
  12: function showLine ( [string]$text )
  13: {
  14:     Write-Host -Object:$text
  15: }
  17: function showLineR ( [string]$text )
  18: {
  19:     Write-Host -ForegroundColor Red -Object:$text
  20: }
  22: function waitForKey()
  23: {
  24:   ShowLineR "Press any key to continue..."
  25:   $inputKey = $host.UI.RawUI.ReadKey("NoEcho,IncludeKeyUp")  
  26:   blankLine
  27: }
  29: function displayWelcome
  30: {
  31: blankLine
  32: blankLine
  33: showLine "Welcome to the Visual Studio 2010 ALM Rangers TFS Integration Platform HOL setup script
  35: This script is intended to configure the HOL environments on the Rangers Base VM."
  36: showLineR "This script must be run as a user with administrator rights."
  37: blankLine
  39: blankLine
  40: showLine "We recommend that you launch Visual Studio and connect to TFS to ensure
  41: that all services are started and functional, before starting this HOL script.
  43: This script will:
  44: ----------------
  45: - Configure the TFS Integration Platform HOL environment"
  46: showLine
  47: showLineR "TAKE NOTE: Prerequisites for the HOLs and this script to work:"
  48: "-------------------------------------------------------------
  49: - Team Foundation Server 2010 (RTM version)
  50: - Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (RTM version)
  51: - Internet Information Server (IIS)
  52: - Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) or MOSS
  53: - TFS 2010 Power Tools (a version is available under c:\hol\prerequisite software)"
  54: blankLine
  55: showLineR "Environment variables:"
  56: "---------------------
  57: - The script is dependent on the system environment variables for both 64-bit and 32-bit
  58: - If you install TFS, Visual Studio and/or TFS PowerTools you must reboot the system
  59:   before running this script to ensure that the environment variables are available.
  61: Snapshot:
  62: --------
  63: - We recommend that you snapshot your VM before running the script, because the script cannot
  64:   be re-run if a failure (for example a missing prerequisite) occurs.
  65: - We also recommend that you snapshot your VM after running the script, so that you can reset
  66:   your HOL environment at any time.
  68: If you wish to ABORT press Ctrl+C now, else 
  70: Press any key to begin..."
  71:   $inputKey = $host.UI.RawUI.ReadKey("NoEcho,IncludeKeyUp")  
  72: blankLine
  73: }
  76: function blankLine
  77: {
  78:     Write-Host -Object:""
  79: }
  81: function showLineR ( [string]$text )
  82: {
  83:     Write-Host -ForegroundColor Red -Object:$text
  84: }
  86: function waitForKey()
  87: {
  88:   ShowLineR "Press any key to continue..."
  89:   $inputKey = $host.UI.RawUI.ReadKey("NoEcho,IncludeKeyUp")  
  90:   blankLine
  91: }
  93: function SetupHOL
  94: {
  95:  $currentLocation = Get-Location
  96:  $tempLocation    = Get-content env:tfspowertooldir
  97:  Set-Location $tempLocation
  99:  #Create team project with tfpt
 100:  .\TFPT.EXE createteamproject /settingsfile:'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\HOLSetup\Project_TP-A.XML'
 101:  waitForKey
 102:  .\TFPT.EXE createteamproject /settingsfile:'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\HOLSetup\Project_TP-B.XML'
 103:  waitForKey
 104:  .\TFPT.EXE createteamproject /settingsfile:'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\HOLSetup\Project_TP-C.XML'
 105:  waitForKey
 106: .\TFPT.EXE createteamproject /settingsfile:'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\HOLSetup\Project_RationalDemo.XML'
 107:  waitForKey
 109:  $tempLocation    = Get-content env:vs100comntools
 110:  Set-Location $tempLocation
 112:  #Create Workspace
 113:  Write-Host -Object:"Create Workspace TP-A"
 114:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE workspace /new TP-A /noprompt /collection:http://localhost:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection
 115:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE workfold  /map $/TP-A 'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-A'     /workspace:TP-A
 116:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE workfold  /unmap $/
 118:  Write-Host -Object:"Create Workspace TP-B"
 119:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE workspace /new TP-B /noprompt /collection:http://localhost:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection
 120:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE workfold  /map $/TP-B 'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-B'     /workspace:TP-B
 121:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE workfold  /unmap $/
 123:  Write-Host -Object:"Create Workspace TP-C"
 124:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE workspace /new TP-C /noprompt /collection:http://localhost:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection
 125:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE workfold  /map $/TP-C 'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-C'     /workspace:TP-C
 126:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE workfold  /unmap $/
 128:  #Create the VC space as per HOL
 129:  Write-Host -Object:"Checkin code and branches"
 130:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE add       'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-A\Main'         /recursive
 131:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE checkin   'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-A\Main'         /comment:'HOL Automated Checkin' /recursive /noprompt
 132:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE branch    'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-A\Main’      ‘$/TP-A/Dev’
 133:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE checkin   'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-A\Dev'         /comment:'HOL Automated Branch' /noprompt
 134:  copy 'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\HOLSetup\Raw\HelloWorldDemo' 'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-A\Dev' -recurse
 135:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE add       'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-A\Dev\HelloWorldDemo'     /recursive
 136:  ..\IDE\TF.EXE checkin   'C:\HOL\TFS Integration Platform\Source Code\Demo\Sandbox-A\Dev'         /comment:'HOL Automated Checkin' /recursive /noprompt
 138:  $tempLocation    = Get-content env:tfspowertooldir
 139:  Set-Location $tempLocation
 141:  #create workitem
 142:  .\TFPT.EXE workitem /new TP-A\Bug /Fields:"Title=Change the string goodbye world to hello world;Assigned To= Administrator" /collection:'http://localhost:8080/tfs/defaultcollection'
 143:  Set-Location $currentLocation
 144: }
 146: displayWelcome    
 147: SetupHOL


It “seems” that when we execute the “TFPT.EXE createteamproject” command in rapid succession the Visual Studio process, started by the tool, does not close or get the opportunity to close quickly enough. When the process does not terminate before the next command is run, the command fails with a COM exception. What is odd, is that in some development environments the error does not occur, whereas in other environments it raises its ugly head repetitively.

The problem has been reproduced, documented and reported to the team Foundation Server 2010 Power Tools team.

Error reported

Unexpected error occurred.

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8001010A): Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID {656D8328-93F5-41A7-A48C-B42858161F25} from the IClassFactory failed due to the following error: 8001010a.


In our setup script we force a wait after running the “TFPT.EXE createteamproject” command, allowing the user to double check if the visual studio process (denenv.exe) has terminated, before continuing with the next create team project request.

Hope this helps … just in case you meet the same gremlin 🙂

Comments (3)

  1. Since we upgraded to the September tfpt we are able to run our scripts without any issues. There have been other instances of this errorbeing reported with 64-bit OS, which seems to required a reboot tpo resolve. ANyone with this problem?

  2. Jørgen Thyme says:

    We always ask the user to close any running instances of Visual Studio prior to run tpft createTeamProject (this is wrapped into a custom ps1 scripts). However, I start to get this behavior even if VS 2010 is not running. tpft is executed as another account (running in a runas powershell session). Path has been setup properly.

  3. Either log a bug or email me all of the versions (PowerTools, Visual Studio and a detailed description) so that I can raise a bug if appropriate. The issue has been addressed in the previous PowerTool builds and we have not seen the error recently … until your comment.

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