TFS Integration Platform – Second BETA Published

A long story is slowly but surely coming to an end. When I joined the Visual Studio ALM Rangers on January 2009, Bijan told me that one of our major responsibilities is to take ownership of the guidance, documentation and proof-of-concept management for this solution. At the time I was still battle scarred from the TFS Synchronization Toolkit (which was unreliable, random in behaviour and very, very hard to use) and decided to walk into the MVP Global Summit in 2009 with a Swiss steel helmet to inform the MVPs (Microsoft Most Valued Professionals) that we were working on this project.

… playing it safe at the MVP Global Summit.   … even my son was supporting me 🙂

BUT … on Friday the team published the second major BETA release of the product which we have been hardening with internal dog fooding and proof of concepts in the field.

When you open the platform box you will find a number of features, including:

  • Simple installation
  • Simple configuration
  • Re-factored and immensely improved architecture, which has performance, quality and reliability on the top of the objectives.
  • Adapters, including
    • TFS Adapter
    • Rational ClearCase Adapter
    • Rational ClearQuest Adapter
    • File Adapter (Sample)
    • SharePoint Adapter (Sample)
  • Documentation, including Hands-on-labs (HOL) and Videos

You can find the product on Codeplex here and a MSDN forum here.

In terms of the helmet ... it is securely stowed on my sons book shelve and will not be required at future MVP Global Summits ... at least not for the TFS Integration Platform 🙂

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