Help us define the top customer tasks in the ALM space

The Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management User Education (VSALMUE) team has been working on a Customer Carewords project with Web-guru Gerry McGovern in order to determine top customer tasks in the ALM space.  We’ve put together a survey that identifies all of the high-level tasks for our product and technologies.  Can we ask you to spend 10 minutes completing this survey?  Your feedback is extremely valuable to us – it helps us both to plan content for our next release and to determine the best servicing plan for the current version that shipped most recently. 

Again, 10 minutes is all we need!  The list contains about six dozen items.  You scan it from top to bottom quickly and then go through and select your five most important tasks.  And, we use your votes to drive our workload in VSALMUE.  It’s that simple.  Vote today and be heard!  We need feedback as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday, June 9.

Survey link:

Thanks in advance for your time and feedback.

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