What is this blog actually all about?

My son recently asked me what my blog is all about … this is our youngest … aftter he tripped over one of his football (soccer) pictures. I tried to explain to him why it is called Willy’s cave, what the “Chatter” is all about and what the various project related posts are intended to achieve. I say “tried”, because I am not convinced that his inquisitive mind is satisfied with my answer yet 🙂

So what is this blog all about in a nutshell?

  1. Announcements … whenever something interesting and important happens with the Visual Studio ALM Rangers, the ALM MVPs or our home the  Developer Division, you will find a relevant post.
  2. Information Sharing … the main focus of this blog is probably the information, sharing such as sharing information on the “at the time” undocumented and interesting TFS Integration Platform features to promote maximum transparency of Rangers solutions or other solutions that the Rangers are involved in. Once a project goes into a stable and documented mode, as is the case with the TFS Integration Platform, the associated posts on this blog will fizzle out and be replaced by the relevant product documentation.
  3. Chatter … general “chatter” when general information, such as this post or the certified scrum master course pictures post, is shared for interest and to encourage discussions.
  4. UNISA … many, many years ago I had the insane idea to study a BSC Computer Science degree part time, because I believed that my background of Electrical Engineering did not match my IT career. Well, this year is the final year and if all goes well I will finally complete the final three subjects and be a free to enjoy my evenings and weekends again 🙂 In the meantime I am sharing some of the interesting stuff under the “UNISA” tag, which stands for the University of South-Africa.

Lastly, why is it called the “cave”? My favourite hobby used to be diving, whereby wreck and cave diving have always been on the list of adventures. My years with the South-African Police (SAP) reservist search and recovery dive unit was a definite highlight in my dive history … I miss the training camps we had at Wondergat. The exploration of shipwrecks, caves such as “Wondergat” in South-Africa, the unexplored and unknown worlds  have always fascinated me. So the combination of these strange interests of mine, the fact that a cave used to be a safe home to mankind in the distant past  and that it keeps the blog post names shorter in search results made it my natural choice.

To end this “chatter” I have decided to add a few photos from the past.

 left we have a sunset at Truk Lagoon (home of 64+ sunken warships), looking at the island of Param and Fefan on the left and Wondergat on the right. These are my two favourite dive spots in the world.

  … a sign in  Wondergat at 54m, which we often visited during our training camps. For more information on this fascinating hole, go to http://wondergatdiving.com.

 … if you are busy with a claustrophobia therapy the diving with a copper helmet (middle) is probably not what you should be thinking of, whereby I really enjoyed the unique diving experience in Cape Town. At the bottom is my favourite picture I made in Truk Lagoon in ‘91 of my wife chatting up a fascinating jelly fish 🙂  The top picture was made at Bass Lake in the 90’s … I will let you guess what I am trying to signal my dive buddy.

… end of chatter!

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