TFS Integration Platform – SharePoint Samples and Sabbatical Initiative “Shipped”

Finally we have managed to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, allowing us to ship the long awaited SharePoint Sample Adapters developed by Robert MacLean (Visual Studio ALM Ranger and MVP). Read about his sabbatical here and enjoy his trip reports … we all have some great memories of his visit and some hair-raising “where am I” phone calls when he ventured a bit too far on the public transport system 🙂

… Robert never stopped working while he enjoyed the sabbatical.

 … he even made sure that the entire Schaub family was connected to the digital world 🙂 I often wonder what went through Robert’s mind as this photo was taken. My bets are on “how can I convince them that SharePoint is the best thing since the invention of sliced cheese?”

In terms of bits, you will find them in the latest Codeplex drop on

Comments (1)

  1. In that photo I was thinking, why is everyone playing Farmville? – cause that is all that was happening at that point.

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