TFS Integration Platform – New Build Published on Codeplex

The latest BETA – BETA – BETA TFS Integration Platform release has just been pushed to codeplex. Here is a copy of the latest changes:

 Codeplex BETA update as of 47563

  • Major changes:
    • Added the FileSystem adapter to the tree
    • Added SemaphoreFile add-in to the tree and reorganized other add-ins
    • Added SharePoint sample adapter to the tree
  • Toolkit:
    • Store credentials for migration sources in the Windows credential store
    • Introduce TfsIntegrationAdmin tool
    • Business rule evaluation prevents the same source field from being mapped multiple times
    • DB schema changes from version 2.2 to 2.4
    • Restructuring of documentation partially complete
  • Adapter:
    • WIT adapter supports '*' on the target side of the value map
    • VC adapter now supports identity lookup service for cross-domain migrations
    • Added support for WIT attachment deletion
    • TFS 2008 VC adapter catches up to 2010 adapter with snapshot starting point support
  • Setup:
    • Moved config files to cleaner structure on disk
    • Add a resolution action to retry N times
    • Fix race condition that caused failure to detect new DB as ONLINE
  • Shell:
    • Action based UI model introduced
    • Added TFS VC filter string control to select server path
    • Added TFS WIT query picker control to select WIQL query
    • Providers can add specific ShellIdentifier to share front-end shell adapter logic
      (Updated by TFS to TFS Connector)

Something else that sneaked into the Codeplex release is the new documentation, which you can find under the documentation - readiness package directory as shown below. This is still early days and we are still aligning ourselves with the platform, but it will give you a feel of the readiness package that we are planning to include with the product.

 Copy the entire Readiness Package directory to your cave, then click on Index.htm.

Remember that the product is still a BETA and even though we are aligning the product and the documentation, there are still some discrepancies lurking around.

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