External Visual Studio ALM Rangers – the votes have been tallied and the 2010 Champions are (have been) known

Now that the Visual Studio 2010 launch is over and the dust is settling, we can post this long overdue post.

As part of the Visual Studio ALM Rangers recognition program, see http://blogs.msdn.com/willy-peter_schaub/archive/2009/08/07/vsts-rangers-introducing-the-vsts-rangers-recognition-program.aspx for more details, we have introduced the concept of Ranger champions. Group Of People Working Together To Hold A Giant Pen To Compose A Newsletter Or Article Clipart Illustration Image

Twice a year we ask the active external Rangers, made up of Microsoft Most Valued Professionals, Community Leads and Inner Circle partners to vote for their champion, based on active participation in Rangers project and impact to the community. This means that the champions are elected external Rangers 🙂

The nominees included all of the known external rangers, listed below. Note that some names have been abbreviated to first name and first character of their surname, as we do not have their permission (yet) to publish their complete details.

Aaron Kowall , Adam Cogan, Anthony Borton, Bob Hardister, Boris Wehrle, Brian Randell, Chad Albrecht, Christopher James Tullier, Clemens Reijnen, Clementino Mendonca, Cosmin Dumitru, Dave McKinstry, David Corbin, Doug Owens, Edward Bakker, Etienne Tremblay, Ewald Hofman, Florent S., Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracín, Guillaume Belmas, Guino Henostroza, Hassan Fadili, Ilpo Juvander, Jeff Bramwell, John D., John R., Larry Guger, Marcel de Vries, Martin Kulov, Mathias Olausson, Miguel Enrique Mendoza González, Neno Loje, Ognjen Bajic, Olivier Dupont, Philippe Puschmann, Richard H., Robert MacLean, Rudolf G., Sin Min Lee, Sita Lakshmi, Sven Hubert, Taavi Koosaar, Ted Malone, Thomas Schissler, Thorsten Dralle, Tiago Pascoal, Tim Star, Willie Roberts, Zayd Kara, Zlatan Dzinic

The votes were tallied March 17 … and the four top winners were:Winning Team Of Blue Figures Holding Hands And Standing In A Circle Around Their Golden Championship Trophy Clipart Illustration Image

  1. Marcel de Vries
    Marcel Vries

  2. Mathias Olausson ... nominated for the second time in a row.
    Mathias Olausson

  3. Robert MacLean ... nominated for the second time in a row.
    Robert MacLean v2

  4. Clemens Reijnen

Congratulations champions! Your profiles appeared on the Rangers home page (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/teamsystem/ee358786.aspx).

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