TFS Integration Platform – Major Codeplex refresh!

The team refreshed the codeplex site ( as follows:

  1. Installer has been updated.image
  2. Codebase has been refreshed with Changeset 50167. The following list of changes has been extracted “as is” from the changeset details:
    1. Major changes:
      • Convert projects to VS 2010 format
    2. Toolkit:
      • Improve the metadata extensibility model: make it possible to use a metadata Addin without code changes or knowledge by an adapter
      • Remove three obsolete MetadataAddin interfaces and remaining references to them
      • Changed log level to Verbose from Information for Path not mapped scenarios
      • Removed the misleading message "Fail to translate VC server path"
      • Added "When" column to ValueMap view in custom settings
      • Remove WpfViewResource.cs link to EditorFoundation LocalizationManager because loc tie not needed and generated resources under 2010 are not emitted as partial classes
      • Add explicit local OutputPath setting back to InstallationCA.csproj to work around issue in WiX 3.5.1616.0 heat.exe processing
      • Changing public types to internal where they should not be public and removing unused types.
      • Add generic migration item serializer and key-based access to config custom settings
      • Changed to use path and string scope for vccontentconflict
      • Add windows credentials proxy and support library
    3. Adapter:
      • Refactor to centralize the static conflict registration information
      • TFS WIT 2010 adapter: locked link feature
      • Add context to wit history-not-found auto resolution action
    4. Shell:
      • Fixed logic in InvalidFieldCustomControl and InvalidFieldValueCustomControl
      • Consolidated 2008/2010 usercontrols to common
      • Refactored usercontrols to BasicConflictTypeCustomControl
      • Opening a configuration with a custom workflowtype and then saving does not persist the correct workflowtype to db
      • Allow refresh rate to be set to 0 to disable auto-refresh

In terms of the documentation and guidance we are getting ready to publish a refresh of the existing documentation, a number of new guidance documents and a long awaited configuration guidance document. Watch this space for news in this regard.

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