TFS Integration Platform – Alpha Release (c/s 43361) refreshed

The team has dropped the latest installation and source code of the TFS Integration Platform, which contains an impressive number of bug resolutions and features. Here are the notes as extracted from the changeset checkin Clipart Illustration of a White Businessman Speaking Through A Red And White Megaphone, Symbolizing Attention And Announcements description “as is”

Codeplex alpha update as of 43361 …

  • Toolkit
    • User id lookup mapping rule evaluation fix: allow multiple rules to be applied on the same identity
    • integrate ConflictManagementTool.dll with EditorFoundation
    • adjust all references to ConflictManagementTool
    • trim workspace name of white spaces during truncation
    • add queryable runtime conflicts for paging support
    • add resolution actions of UpdateWITMapping and ExcludeWITInSessionFilter with config update support for WITUnmappedWITConflictType
    • RELATED_ARTIFACTS_RECORDS schema change: 1. increase column size 2. dropping one index that exceeds the key max size
    • change configuration friendly name max length from 40 to 300
    • ServerDiff wit support for comparing attachments and links
    • BusinessModel source tree restructuring
    • remove unnecessary EDM id generation logic
    • support excluding field by mapping to empty target field
    • fix multiple pending revisions after edit/edit conflict resolution bug
  • Shell
    • omit conflict details from conflict listview. set max height for scope in listview
    • color background when migration is complete
    • implement acknowledge all button for runtime conflicts
    • fix back-compat issue with windows xp: file dialog changes Environment.CurrentDirectory
    • handle invalid field conflict resolution if there are no work item types or fields mapped if a resolution action is not allowed, display "Disabled" text
    • changed shell adapter namespaces to Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Migration.Shell.<*ShellAdapter>
    • fix UnmappedWorkItemTypeCustomControl resolution action choices
  • Adapter
    • detect duplicate delete/rename. Skip if the comment matches the current changegroup comment. Raise content conflict if not.
    • Fix WIT link deletion bug
    • Rerouting wit forcing rollback conflicts
    • add config update support to invalid field conflict resolution
    • bug fix: WIT Adapter OM-based submission throwns "Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.ValidationException: TF26194: The value for the field 'Activated Date' cannot be changed. " when migrating a Reactivated" bug
    • recognize invalid WIT conflict resolution rules and return as "Unapplicable" instead of throwing exception
    • add dropping field resolution action for invalid field value conflict type
    • refactor to centralize the static conflict registration information
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